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Membership process for the Mathurin Cordier-France Network

You would like to join the Mathurin Cordier-France Network; Here is some important information that will help you in this process.

Network dynamics.

Our vocation as a Network is to be a heart to teach and transmit together », by the privileged means of establishing Christian educational establishments. In this immense challenge which consists of manifesting and embodying the Kingdom of God in the field of education, we need to be "together", to work in a network, to move from independence to interdependence, to put our gifts and talents in the service of all, to learn from each, to support each other so that as many people as possible reach their full potential by being a source of blessing for the children and young people entrusted to us, for the families who trust us; It is this dynamic that we seek to experience in this network, which is and will become what we each invest in it.

Why "Mathurin Cordier"?

At the time of the Reformation, the commitment of a teacher, attached to the Lord and to his Word, made it possible to raise up the great Reformer John Calvin who would have such a great influence. This teacher was called “Mathurin Cordier”. A great pedagogue, he knew how to renovate, reform, invent. His person, his dedication, his heart for children, his perseverance, his successes, still inspire us today.

Procedure for joining the Mathurin Cordier France Network.

Excerpts from the Rules of Procedure: Admission of active members. Moral people.

The membership process is broken down into four steps:

  • Application submission
  • Examination of the application file by the Steering Committee, which appoints an “admission” commission for this purpose, which will be responsible for examining the application file.
  • Its validation or its dismissal for additional information or non-compliance, by the Steering Committee,
  • The vote of admission in the General Assembly.

The membership process can only be initiated after at least one year of effective operation of the candidate structure.

To validate admission, the candidate structure must commit to meeting the quality criteria required for educational or training establishments in the Mathurin Cordier Network – France[1], or, pending the clarification of these criteria, will have to enter into a quality process (continuous training program for teachers and staff, acceptance of an outside perspective to progress (at the educational and organizational level).

  1. Application submission

The signed request, addressed by the president of the candidate legal entity to the President of the RÉSEAU MATHURIN CORDIER – FRANCE association, will present all the documents necessary to process the request (digital format if possible, to be sent to contact@aespef.org) :

Official application to join the Mathurin Cordier France network, accompanied by the following documents:

  • Statutes,
  • Certificate of registration of the applicant structure with the administration of its country,
  • Rules of procedure,
  • Charter if there is one,
  • Document presenting the candidate (list of members, members of the DC, documents presenting the vision, values, internal operating procedures, etc.)
  • Other documents that may be requested by the Steering Committee.
  1. Examination of the application file by the “Admissions of the Steering Committee” commission.

The “admission” commission is made up of at least three members of the Steering Committee who can join or appoint any other person from the applicant structure depending on the questions or needs of the file.

The “admission” committee:

  • Will verify the requested documents (statutes, RI, Charter, approval, others, etc.)
  • Will meet physically or by video conference with the managers, or even members of the requesting structure, for discussions and making contact and for possible additional questions.
  • Will visit the candidate structure if necessary and report on the visit to the Steering Committee.

At the end of the file examination phase, when the examination conditions are satisfied, a report will be drawn up and sent to the Steering Committee mentioning the conclusions of the discussions and making recommendations for the follow-up to be given to the application file.

  1. Validation by the Steering Committee

After examination, once all the conditions have been met and any obstacles removed, the Steering Committee will send its recommendations to the members of the RÉSEAU MATHURIN CORDIER-FRANCE association.

In the event of a problem or major discrepancies between the applicant legal entity and the MATHURIN CORDIER-FRANCE NETWORK Management Committee, the Management Committee may decide to interrupt the procedure at this point and will inform the applicant organization by post with acknowledgment of receipt.

The Steering Committee is not required to justify its reasons.

  1. Admission.

Subject to acceptance of the Statutes and Internal Regulations and other documents governing the life and operation of the candidate structure, the application will then be presented to the General Assembly of the association RÉSEAU MATHURIN CORDIER-FRANCE which will decide on the admission of the candidate structure.

The representatives of the candidate structure are invited to the General Assembly called upon to rule on their request, and answer questions from the General Assembly.
If the candidate structure is not present at the general assembly, the candidacy will not be presented to the vote.

[1] When these are established.


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