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Mathurin Cordier 2022 webinars

WEBINAIRES 2022 Thème : "Pédagogie et christianisme : existe-t-il une pédagogie chrétienne? Dates: ces webinaires seront répartis sur une soirée et trois matinées: Vendredi 19 Février, soirée de prière, Samedi 20 Février : session 1. Samedi 19 Mars: session 2....

Campaign for Freedom of Education at Home. February 2021

Campaign for Freedom of Education at Home. February 2021 As family education is called into question by Article 21 of the bill to reinforce Republican principles, a video highlighting this mode of instruction has been produced ...

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The Mathurin Cordier Network
in France

With more than thirty member schools or associations, the Mathurin Cordier Network in France has a unique history and representative strength in France.

Born from the AESPEF, the Association of French-speaking Protestant Evangelical School Establishments, it is dedicated specifically to France and is today an important network in the field of Christian education.

The Mathurin Cordier France Network was created in 2017 to bring together the professionals of Protestant Christian education, active on French territory, who recognize themselves in its missions and values. It is a relay of the AESPEF, an association with an international scope of action, which included in particular the French-speaking networks, whether they are in France, Switzerland, Belgium or on the African continent.

In line with regulatory, educational and professional requirements, the network formulates proposals and implements concrete actions for a qualitative evolution in its sector of activities.

Among its various activities, it focuses in particular on subjects relating to the quality of teaching and pedagogy, but also information, relationships with national authorities, economic development, and the defence of the interests of those involved in school, university and vocational training.

It also encourages in-depth, multidisciplinary reflection to facilitate regular self-evaluation and adaptation, with a view to the relevance of our educational offer in today's society.

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Mission, Vision and Values

  1. Transmit a culture in cohesion with Christian values.
  2. Assist members in defining and promoting a school, university and vocational education system, with a view to training future generations in service to society.
  3. Promote and represent those involved in Protestant Christian education before national or international, civil and religious bodies as well as in national and international conferences.
  4. To be a means of connection and exchange between the members of the network and in the field of training.
  5. Accompany the members of the network in the improvement of the quality of their services and in the application of the regulations pertaining to their sector.
  6. To develop pedagogical and organizational resources and frameworks to be implemented by the members of the network.
  7. Contribute to legal support for the defense of the interests of its members.
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The Mathurin Cordier Protestant Professional Training Institute

Train, Transform, Reform

Our preferred staff training partner

Training in modules (on request), several of which are accessible via e-learning. Go to the site:

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Mathurin Cordier Editions

Resources to support the vision of Christian education in Francophonie

We translate, write and edit books, manuals and brochures. We also provide video and audio recordings of seminars, videos promoting Christian education. Go to the site: