Buried wealth


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Buried wealth

What is to educate? What is a child? What place for the Word of God and faith in teaching? What educational relationship to the student? What meaning to give to things? How do we love God “with all our mind”? How can we strengthen our vocation as parents and teachers? So many questions to which many authors have provided answers from antiquity and the Jewish tradition until today, passing through the Fathers of the Church, the great authors of the Middle Ages, the Reformers, educators and pedagogues of the times past and present. May all these “buried riches” encourage you and strengthen you in your vocation as a Christian educator in a society in search of meaning and landmarks.

« We must teach men to love life to the point of wanting it eternal ». COMENIUS.

« The Church has never flourished without schools. All good education must begin with faith ». Jean CALVIN

« Without affection, no trust, without trust, no education ». DON BOSCO

« We speak, but it is God who instructs; we speak, but it is God who teaches. It is from this truth, that is to say from God himself, that we draw all our truths. Saint Augustin


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