Early learning course program


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Early learning course program

Bénédicte Trifault – Biblical look at the programs of the awakening classes of CP and Grande Section classes according to the plan of Creation

“In the beginning God…”. Genesis 1.1 tells us that God is the origin of all life on earth. This Creation is a testimony that God gives us in order to reveal Himself in it.

By studying the Creation man is led to discover who God is: His intelligence, His ingenuity, His power, His generosity, His creativity, His joy, His excellence, His organization, His grace, His beauty, His wealth, His goodness. , His wisdom…. how then can we not be amazed to celebrate and adore this extraordinary God?

This document was created for this purpose: to be a help in taking a biblical look at the programs of the awakening classes of CP and Grande Section classes. It takes as a common thread the plan of Creation, as it is presented to us in Genesis 1, by establishing a coherent progression over the school year.

Editions Mathurin Cordier, 48p.


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B… ABBA CP Reading Method – 2020 Edition

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