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There is still time to register and “jump on the bandwagon”! Last webinar in the series: Saturday May 1st.

By registering for Mathurin Cordier Webinars, you register for all sessions and also benefit from the different replays, which gives you access to the different content off-line. So you can “jump on the bandwagon”!

Our webinars are aimed at all teachers, but also educators, parents, school administrators, who are involved with children and young people, and who are interested in the Christian dimension of transmission. The Mathurin Cordier-France Network brings together Protestant schools, whether evangelical or not, as well as associations and training institutes which respond in different ways to the mission given by Christ to go and make disciples of all nations, in the teachers.

Due to the health crisis, we have chosen to change the format of our " Mathurin Cordier seminar »Annual. Now spread over several dates, in videoconference format, it will allow each participant to attend these meetings from home! And even if we will not benefit from the immense advantages of face-to-face, this will be more than offset by the absolutely unique possibilities offered by this new format, such as:

  • The considerable decrease in investment in time and money.
  • The reduction of the formula by distributing the sessions over one evening and 3 Saturday mornings.
  • The organization of work in small groups that may extend beyond these webinars.
  • The possibility of following the plenary sessions in replay.

The theme of 2021

« Let's come together and build together ": It is not only a theme, but a vision and injunction from the Lord himself. For these special times that we are going through, facing not only a health crisis, but headwinds where the freedom of education is called into question and where the question of the very existence of our schools is likely to arise, coming together and building together becomes all the more crucial.

Let us remember, in the midst of all of this, that God's promises remain unchanging: promises of growth and multiplication as we persevere in the calling!

As we had underlined during our previous meetings, it is urgent to break down the partitions, the isolation, and promote new synergies between directors, administrators, teachers, educators, parents who are all committed to educating and building according to the model : " It is from him, and thanks to all the links of his assistance, that the whole body, well coordinated and forming a solid assembly, derives its growth » (Eph 4. 16a).

Let’s build together with gold, silver and precious stones on this one solid foundation: Jesus Christ. (1Co 3) Let’s move from a culture of events (annual gatherings) to a culture of networking, where each school and each ministry is involved in this common construction to its extent.

New technological possibilities make it possible to organize and experience these synergies, to discuss and build together, without requiring large resources. Let's take this opportunity

Program and schedules

The program of our webinars in 2021 is at the service of this vision of building together. We started with an evening of prayer Friday February 19 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., during which we brought together to the Lord our praise, our prayers, our subjects of gratitude and intercession. Each school team has its own prayer dynamic, each ministry engaged in this field of education as well, but this does not replace a national dynamic. This is what we experienced in that first moment, rich in the participation of representatives of several Christian schools in France. REPLAY AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO ARE OR WILL BE REGISTERED

  • Saturday morning February 20, we had the joy of welcoming Anne COFFINIER, Jennifer LEA, Françoise CARON, Brigitte BLAISE, Luc BUSSIERE for various interventions, available in replay for those who are or will be registered. The afternoon was an opportunity for directors and administrators to meet in a Visio conference, to discuss various topical issues. A National Education inspector was also present to encourage and advise us. REPLAY AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO ARE OR WILL BE REGISTERED.
  • Saturday morning March 20, Régine KAKOURIDIS brought relevant and timely biblical meditation: a powerful message of encouragement to all actors in Christian schools. Jean Christophe and Claudia HUET provided a biblical look at distance education, a topical subject, in particular for everything related to teacher training. The participants then divided into one of the 10 thematic workshops offered, an opportunity to meet in smaller groups around a given theme.
  • We will continue and end our webinar series Saturday May 1 (and not April 10 as was initially planned); Tom BLOOMER, former dean of the United Nations Youth Missionary University will provide the Bible meditation. Jean Christophe HUET and Luc BUSSIERE will both speak on the theme of the specificity of teaching in the light of revelation. Everyone will then be invited to join a participatory workshop, place and means of sharing experiences, practices and resources in a very specific field, educational or administrative, hoping that these participatory workshops take the form of regular "platforms of exchange", or "commissions" intended to meet regularly, outside of national events.
  1. Support for different children. Françoise Di SCALA seconded by Marie Christine BUYCK, Mathée RINDEL, and Manuela BUSSIERE. It will be an opportunity for the exchange of practices and experiences; It will address an inclusive perspective of support as well as personalized support.
  1. The values ​​of the Republic and the civic journey in our schools (elementary level) What are the values ​​of the Republic that are transmitted in our schools? What is the civic course offered to our students? How to highlight what is experienced in our establishments? This workshop is open to all those who want to reflect on this theme, share and discuss their experiences, their practices and offer resources. ”Moderated by Blandine BERNIS, director of the Christian school Michel Beraud in Montauban. , assisted by Gilles BLANC, member of the RMC committee, with long experience as deputy mayor of his municipality.
  1. Manage a single class from kindergarten to CM2. Philippe DI SCALA. Director of the Roseaux school in charge of a single class.
  1. To transmit the taste and the practice of reading. Louis Michel FILLATRE. and Nicole SISSIA. This participatory workshop, open to all interested, follows the thematic workshop on the same subject, at the request of several participants.

5. Teach French in high school. Cet atelier sera coanimé par Julie KLEIN et Anne PIERRE ELIEN, enseignantes de français en secondaire (niveaux collège et lycée) à l’Etablissement Daniel à Guebwiller (68), et par Françoise WOLFF, enseignante de français au Collège Envol à Toulouse ( 31). L’atelier donnera lieu à des partages de réflexions et d’expériences sur différentes questions telles que : le processus indispensable de renouvellement de l’intelligence (Romains 12 : 1-2) qu’est appelé à vivre l’enseignant de français ; la transmission d’une perspective biblique du monde dans l’étude des textes. Il est également prévu un temps d’échanges sur les matériels, manuels et autres ressources utilisés ; et sur des expériences et pratiques visant tout autant à exercer le discernement de nos élèves qu’à développer leur créativité et leur capacité à communiquer.

  1. Comment enseigner l’histoire-géographie au sein de nos établissements ? Cet atelier a pour objectif de rassembler les professeurs qui enseignent l’histoire-géographie (en primaire ou secondaire) pour partager leurs expériences, discuter de leurs pratiques et créer du lien. Comment construire sa progression ? Faut-il s’appuyer sur un manuel scolaire ? Comment évaluer les élèves ? Faut-il dissocier faits historiques et croyances dans nos cours ? Quelle forme peuvent prendre nos intégrations bibliques ? Autant de questions qui pourront être abordées dans cet atelier participatif. Les participants qui le souhaitent pourront éventuellement partager leurs coordonnés en vue de la création d’une commission (pour rester en lien, échanger ses ressources, créer des contenus en commun). Animé par Nathaniel CARON , professeur d’histoire/géographie au Petit Prince.
  1. Enseigner l’anglais au collège. Présentation de la méthode Cambridge et partage de ressources, d’expériences et de pratiques. Atelier animé par Glenda PETIT, professeur au collège Groupe scolaire Mathurin Cordier.
  1. Le mécénat, une opportunité pour le développement des écoles animé par Christian ROZIER directeur administratif du Groupe Scolaire Mathurin Cordier. Occasion pour les administrateurs et les personnes intéressées de se retrouver autour de cette thématique importante dans la vie de nos écoles.
  1. L’instruction en famille: animé Sylvie LEONG et une équipe de « IDL Familles », association membre du Réseau Mathurin Cordier au service des familles chrétiennes instruisant à la maison cet atelier sera un lieu de rencontres de familles pratiquent l’Instruction en famille, moment d’encouragement mutuel, de partage d’expérience et de prière pour le maintien du droit de l’instruction en famille.

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